Matt Watson, Cultural Bridges at SCVi

  • Matt Watson is being honored for his work launching Cultural Bridges – the program that incorporates international learning into Network Schools.
  • Through exchanges and humanitarian outreach, Cultural Bridges brings the world to iLEAD, and iLEAD to the world.
  • One of these programs is Backpacks Full of Hope. A group of our learners and their families have taken two trips to Puerto Rico, and are about to embark on their third in March.
  • They build sustainable housing units, plant trees, and donate backpacks and duffle bags full of much-needed supplies to local residents.
  • Matt also oversees an exchange program, bringing Chinese students to SCVi. This program encourages visiting students and their young SCVi hosts to learn about one another’s cultures.
  • Matt loves the passion he has found with iLEAD Schools and enjoys helping others find theirs, and we are honored to recognize his Leadership in International Learning this evening.