Erin Jones, iLEAD Online

  • Erin was advocating for online schools 15 years ago, and everyone thought she was being ridiculous. But look where we are now!
  • Under Erin’s leadership, iLEAD Online has grown from 14 learners in year one to 500 unique learners, 270 courses, and a staff of 50.
  • iLEAD Online offers AP courses, a College and Career pathway, UC a-g approved courses, and NCAA accreditation.
  • iLEAD Online emphasizes instructor availability, communication, and access. The courses are flexible, project based, and customizable to best fit the passions, interests, and needs of the learner.
  • iLEAD Online uses global strategies and tools to create a meaningful and authentic virtual learning community.
  • Teaching online is a passion for Erin, who loves the flexibility and unlimited possibilities our digital culture provides, allowing artists to create when and where they find inspiration. We thank you for your entrepreneurial spirit. Congratulations!